Time to Taste

Inspired by olden times when the ritual of making coffee at home was part of daily life, Slow Coffee is a new coffee experience that allows us to recreate those moments. Moments of sharing and of generosity that don’t end when you drink coffee, but which last through the conversation and comfort that follow.

The Slow Coffee brand believes only time gives us the best. The “Time to Taste” signature refers to all those moments that are so rich because they are tasted slowly. Moments that must be preserved, savoured and respected.

Five different tools, grouped into two great experiences – Dripping and Pressing – allow the preparation and enjoyment of all the properties of a handcrafted coffee that is designed especially for each extraction process. The result is a unique sensory experience, and new moments where coffee and time enable you to enjoy Slow Coffee to the maximum.



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Campo Maior, Portalegre, Portugal